Friday, December 21, 2012

     I have just returned to this blog from which I have been missing since 2012.  Some changes with e-mail address and password, made it nigh impossible for me to do anything over a three year period, only visit my blog, yet not sign in to make changes.  I am now making this attempt, as son Alex has been visiting and with his technological skills I am perhaps able to bring this space more up to date.  I have always to be thankful for Brooke, youngest daughter, who originally designed and set up this site.  
     The Hostess paintings are now somewhat passe.  I see that the supposed treats have returned to the grocery stores and so the hunger for these particular junk foods, even as art,  has subsided. I loved painting them but have gone on to bigger and I hope better subjects.
     2015 has been a year offering me three opportunities to show work.  Tiles of apples and birds went to The Waterworks Museum in Miles City, whereas ten of my grain elevator pieces have been on exhibition at The Emerson Center for Art & Culture, in Bozeman.  They were hung as part of a trio.  As well, Vern Hall and Bruce Selyem's art/photography have been a part of this show, The Art of the Prairie which opened early August and will be hanging until October 4th.
     My third opportunity to hang work in a public place will take place at The Bozeman Public Library
during the months of November and December.  The exhibit is tentatively called, Bozeman, Downtown and Beyond, thus allowing me to hang iconic structures alongside more scenic views of outside the town center.  I hope to include rodeo scenes;  Bozeman has always been a town sporting a rodeo or two during any given year.